Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Preemie babes and the gifts we give...

Sometimes babies come early.  

For reasons that are beyond comprehension, they are born weighing two+ pounds and they need help breathing and being fed and staying warm.
And as a friend of the parents, you feel helpless.  You don't know what to say.  So you say things like how beautiful she is, how precious she is, what amazing parents she has.  Telling them how long her fingers are and what pretty hair she has and wishing them the best and telling them that you wish that you could hug them.  

And while it is all heartfelt and true...I am sure that it only goes so far.

Because miles and miles from home...they are most likely struggling to hold it together.  With everything that they have.

My husband knows of my love of sewing (and of babies for that matter) and told me that his brother was driving to see our friends and their new baby girl.  He asked if I wanted to make her anything.  And so I wracked my mind for a gift befitting of a teeny babe.  My normal go to gifts needed some adjustments if the baby in mind was only as long as a forearm!  So I sewed them up a few hats using my easy baby hat tutorial.    One a few inches smaller ( for now)  and one a regular newborn size (to grow into).

Instead of making a regular sized baby quilt, I decided to try to make a smaller one.  A tiny quilt to fit inside of her incubator and eventually to become a keepsake for her and her family.  

A reminder of how little she once was, and how far that she will eventually come.

I'm sharing a tutorial for making this blanket in case that anyone is interested.

::: Directions for making a Preemie incubator blanket :::

Cut two pieces of fabric ( I used an upcycled pillowcase and a coordinating piece of flannel.) into 20 X 20 inch squares.

If you wish, you can applique a bit of lace or a doily or a bit of fabric onto one square side of the blanket.  Place the two squares right sides facing.

Place a 20 X 20 inch square of batting on top of the wrong side of one of the fabric squares.

Pin the squares together, stitch around the perimeter through all three layers.  Leave a 4 inch opening at one end for turning right side out.

Turn the quilt right side out and stitch opening closed.

Now for the quilting.

I cut some 4 inch lengths of yarn and stitched several evenly spaced knots through all layers of the quilt.

Double knot to secure.

These little ties keep the batting in place as well as adding a little detail.

And now these gifts are in her parent's hands.  

A bit of handmade happiness for a sweet new girl and her loving parents.


  1. this is so very sweet...... many blessings on this new baby girl... may she grow big & strong and be on her way home soon....

  2. Aw, what beautiful gifts. Surrounded by such love, I'm sure she'll grow strong in no time.

  3. Looking at a premie or sick baby really puts things in perspective some times. It is so hard to know how you can possibly do anything that will help a friend facing this and your own problems suddenly seem a little smaller. I am so glad you found a way to send your love in personal gifts. I pray this little girl grows big and strong and is aware that she is surrounded by love.


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