Monday, March 5, 2012


Upheaval : extreme disorder : radical change.

Yep, that just about covers it.

For our house, that is.

It's in shambles, yet again.

There is a crib in the livingroom with a CAT in it.

There is no more bed in my sewing room, but there is a TON of junk that I have found that I had stuffed under it's frame.

There are dirty corners and carpets that haven't seen the light of day in years.

Unearthed in a reno of sorts.  With limited seasonal work for my husband, winter brings on many projects for our home.  He was waiting until I returned to work to tackle them.  It's kind of nice to come home to a new unveiling of his handywork.

He's cool that way, my handy man.

First up.  A present for our boy.

(Sneak Peak, more to come this week, I think)

And with a day off in between two days of work, I was all set to lounge around in bed and nap.

But when I woke up and surveyed the damage that is my newly-stripped-of-a-bed sewing room, what's a girl to do?

Certainly NOT lay around in bed.

So I slowly took control.  Moving this here... and that there.  I organized my vintage thread collection and purged my yarn shelves of skeins of boredom.

Shaking out and displaying quilts that no longer need to be cooped up in the closet.

It already feels like a new house of sorts.  Two rooms that seem to be coming into their own.

Winter just started shaping up.

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  1. Your sewing room inspired me to move, now you are inspiring me with that yarn storage! Our house is always in a state of chaos...we get one bit beautiful and another corner disappears...makes life interesting! My hubby just started on stripping out our bathroom this weekend after a winter craft space sorted, bathroom wrecked, here we go again! :D


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