Friday, April 6, 2012


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:: Wishing for sun and hoping for a mild spring.
:: Enjoying watching bigger boys with the littlest lad.
:: Fresh bread rising.
:: Relishing the creativity that seems to be stirring within me.
:: Working on my contribution to the Rhythm of the Home BOOK! 
:: Finding an endless trail of saw dust and sheetrock dust from our bedroom renovation.
:: Ignoring the above dust as best as I can.
:: Hoping that all of our boys start to feel better from their lingering colds.
:: Thinking about a project for my jewelry and not finding anything that suits my taste.. just yet.
:: Relaxing on a getaway with my twinnie and our boys.


  1. Where oh where did you get the ketchup t-shirt. It perfectly describes not just one of the people here. So glad the creative juices are flowing. Hoping you have a wonder-filled weekend and that everyone is on the mend

  2. What a beautiful collection of your days. I love Eben's shirt, that is too awesome! Have a great weekend my friend.

  3. Nice bits of living. I hope you have a wonderful spring Julia!

  4. Lovely family home you have, dust and all.


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