Saturday, April 28, 2012


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Dreading:: The laundry that seems to swallow my house on my days off.
Excited:: For the seeds to sprout that are germinating by the windows.
Not Excited:: About the new snow that has coated the ground and my lovely peony plant shoots.
Stealing:: shots of my boy, he HATES the camera all of a sudden and hides when I take it out to capture him in action.  Le BIG sigh.
Giggling:: at my kitty Whitie trying to escape from his bed in Hayden's crib.  Maneuvering through the leaning tower of baby toys proves a hard task for my old man cat. ( do you see him there in the mayhem of the shot?)
Wondering:: How it is that he got in there in the first place.
Enjoying:: Trying out new recipes with my Honey.  He's big on experimenting and we have had lots of success making yummy dinners together.
Loving:: choosing a hot drink to start or end my day.  And a handmade Keurig K-cup holder from my Honey.
Relishing:: the silence that a nap brings.
Spending:: that time feeding my doll making hobby.
Listening:: to songs that make me emotional and wondering why.
Watching:: shows that make me miss LOST, but liking them in their own right as well.
Hoping:: You, my friends are having a wonderful start to your weekend.


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