Monday, March 24, 2014

Tutorial :: Simple Adult Pinafore / Tunic / Apron / Smock

As promised, here is my tutorial for that pinafore I was telling you about.

For a while I have been coveting some pretty adorable adult pinafores on Pinterest.  But with a price of 70$-100$ a pop, I was no way going to drop that kind of coin on something I planned on wearing to cook, garden, or sew in.

I've made aprons for myself before, but a pinafore it something I could wear to the store or for a walk and not feel like a dowdy housewife.

So, in typical Julia fashion I decided to go about making my own version.  Simple, raw, and quick.

I am 5'7" and weigh around 143lb, I have an ass, hips, and a barely existent chest.   Given these measurements I started messing around with a pattern by wrapping some cotton fabric around myself and also measuring from my mid shoulder blades toward my mid chest cross wise and sketched out some raw measurements.

I wanted the pinafore to reach just above my knees and allowing for some seaming with the measurements... I went about making my very own pinafore.

I cut out a large rectangle that makes up the body of the pinafore 44" X 30", seaming the sides as shown below.  The left and bottom seams were 1", the top and right seams were 3".  I know that seems weird to have seams that aren't the same, but I did it on purpose. I wanted the overlapping back of the pinafore to have a wider seam since it may become visible when the flaps get caught in the wind.  For the wider seam on the chest, I wanted a detail of the simple stitching lower down on the front of the pinafore.

With my measurements that I had taken, it ended up being 22 X 3 inches for each strap before sewing.

To make the straps, I folded the strap fabric in half lengthwise and did a quick 1/4 inch stitch down the raw edge.

I turned the straps right side out using a knitting needle.

I folded over the ends 1 inch to stitch to the tunic body.

I positioned the straps around 10 inches apart at the center of the front of the pinafore body.  I like the straps attached to the front of the pinafore for detail, but they can also be stitched to the inside.

Pin the folded over end of the straps to the front of the pinafore.

To attach the straps to the back of the pinafore, cross them over each other, making sure that the side with the wider seam is crossed over the other flap as shown below.

Pin the straps into place on the edge of the flaps and stitch the straps to the front and back of the pinafore.


And kinda cute to boot!

This tutorial is adaptable to other sizes by adding or subtracting inches for the body of the pinafore and the straps.

XOXO, Jules


  1. Oh I love this! I have to make a few of things for working in the garden and with the kiddos. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Sweets! Can't wait to see them. XOXO, Jules


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