Thursday, April 10, 2014

This Week in My Kitchen ::

I spend much of my days off in my kitchen and share photos here in my living posts and recipes.  I look forward to the weeks ahead of sharing our food in photos while participating in Heather's weekly post blog hop called This Week in My Kitchen.

I did come up with a new recipe for beans.  I am ALWAYS looking for new ways to incorporate beans of any kind into my day. I love them.

::Bean salad:: 
1 can of rinsed black beans
15 halved cherry tomatoes
1T olive oil
1T vinegar
1T italian herbs ground
1/2 tsp each salt and pepper

Mix all together and allow to chill over night.

Other than that though, there was not much time in the kitchen this week, although there was lots and lots of drinking going on from what I can gather from looking through the pictures on my phone ( what I take the majority of my pictures with these days. )

Coffee, tea, Lifewater, water, more coffee, smoothies, and soda ( my vice in life ).

OOOHHH!!!   I totally caved and got a pack of 10 Ball vintage blue jars and a set of 4 Ball sip/straw lids.  I drink out of Mason canning jars almost exclusively at home and was so psyched to find these at Target!  I all but tore into the packaging and started using them right in line at the checkout.  They are AMAZEBALLS!

I made an apple galette. Except, I was tight on time and ingredients, so I used a roll out pie crust and a can of pie filling.  Still fabulous.  Still gobbled up.

Oh wait...I did try making cottage cheese for the first time EVER.  It was in a moment of desperation during a pre-dinner prep, I was dressed in my pajamas and unwilling to change into actual clothing to drive to the store.  I googled "cottage cheese easy " until I found a recipe that had ingredients that I had in my house. I think it needs a few tweaks ( saltiness, curd size, etc. ), but it was good otherwise.  I will share the recipe once I perfect it.

And oops, I almost forgot.  I also tried my hand at making some chewy fruity granola bars. Those were delicious.  Recipe to come on those later too.

Hmmm, after writing this up, I guess I did more in the kitchen than I had originally thought.

At any rate, you should totally join in with Heather over on her blog for this fun series.

XOXO, Jules


  1. Hi Jules, thanks for letting me peep into your kitchen. I'm looking forward to the chewy granola bars. I'm always looking for recipes for breakfast on the go. There's been lots of dashing about in our house at the moment so quick snacks are really useful.

  2. Is it bad that I am sitting here with having jar envy? I have some true vintage blue jars, but I can't drink out of them. I think I need to plan a trip to town.
    How exciting to make cottage cheese. I have it on my list to one day make a whole array of cheeses, but so far I've only made paneer.

  3. oh I love a good berry smoothie!

  4. Thanks for letting us know where to find the straw lids for the Mason jars. I've been looking for them!


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