Thursday, April 17, 2014

This Week in My Kitchen ::

I spend much of my days off in my kitchen and share photos here in my living posts and recipes.  I look forward to the weeks ahead of sharing our food in photos while participating in Heather's weekly post blog hop called This Week in My Kitchen.

Loving my food.  Loving it.

This week was filled with warmth and yummies.  

A dinner of shrimp cocktail.  And that was ALL.
A black forest fruit galette.
Coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee.
White Chicken chili with Kale.
My first attempt at cottage cheese making!
Sauteed zucchini with parm cheese.

I am loving fun series of food sharing.
You should totally join in with Heather over on her blog.

XOXO, Jules


  1. I love your wide plank floor!! And that galette? Yum!

  2. Your galette looks so yummy!

  3. Oh wow... everything looks delicious! The galette, the shrimp, the zucchini... all yummy! Thanks for sharing your kitchen this week.

  4. The chicken chilli kale looks delicious (as does your pie!)

  5. I like the picture with the apples and the berries. It just tells you they will turn into something even more delicious than they already were...

  6. lovely food, lovely kitchen. Thanks for sharing!


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Love, Jules