Thursday, April 24, 2014

This Week in My Kitchen ::

I spend much of my days off in my kitchen and share photos here in my living posts and recipes.  I look forward to the weeks ahead of sharing our food in photos while participating in Heather's weekly post blog hop called This Week in My Kitchen.

Lots and Lots of pot pie this past week.  Two made and eaten, one gifted.  Two varieties off of my original recipe.  One venison, one chicken.  Both yummy.
Soup galore, my favorite was the hamburger vegetable one.  I jotted my makeshift recipe down months ago on a sticky note and saved for future use (see above pic).  Incredibly easy and yummy.
Another batch of cottage cheese.
A first attempt at making butter. BUTTER!  
Another fruit galette for work sharing again.  Me thinks this is going to be my new go to work treat.
My first go at oil pulling.  ICK!  I don't honestly know if I can do this the full 20 minutes suggested?!?!?!?!  Blek.
A birthday cookout by request for my Honey.
Roasted parmesean potatoes.
Cheater tollhouse break and bake cookies that tasted awful and made me wish I was a better cookie maker.

I am loving fun series of food sharing.
You should totally join in with Heather over on her blog.

XOXO, Jules


  1. Wow.. May I come to your house to eat? smile.. I love making butter.. It is just so satisfying, eh?

  2. Oh my! Look at all the beautiful photos and yummy foods. Soup, galette, ... cottage cheese! Thanks for sharing this week.

  3. Look at all that delicious pie. It's making me hungry!

  4. Okay, if I show this post to my husband, he might start hounding you to make that pot pie for him. It looks lovely, and that kind of thing is his *favorite*. (And not the kind of thing I usually make--maybe we could swap for cookies or cakes!) How'd the butter making go? I'm fascinated.


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